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People with Disabilities

There are over 95,000 people in Alberta that identify as having disabilities .

This population group can live life to the fullest and enjoyably, but we need to come together as a community to support them in making our community inclusive and equitable for them.




                                                     KWIH (know where it hurts)


You can never understand the pain of another until you walk a mile in their shoes. Creating avenues to educate ourselves and creating awareness about the challenges of people wth disabilities is key to empathetic living. 

Knowing their pain point and how we can help make our community more inclusive is key to improving the lives of everyone in Alberta.


                                                        WELL-ABLE PROJECT


The contribution of people with disabilities to economic growth and development cannot be over-emphasized. 

One of the critical indicators in building a successful business today and a future business is creating an inclusive and equitable business environment for them and other minority groups.


This is why WELL-ABLE PROJECT will be working with enterprises, businesses and corporate firms across Alberta to provide employment opportunities for this very critical segment of our community.




project will work with corporate firms to educate of the immense benefits of employing people with disabilitieswho qualify for employment in their establishments and help them design a more inclusive workplace environment, inclusive communication, accommodating and safe workspace .

We will also be working with people with disabilities  to prepare them to manage their challenges in the workplace and still be effective, goal-oriented, and pursue career growth.

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