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Leadership Centre

Research shows that unless the significant transitions at mid-life are intentionally addressed, life and leadership can become a struggle.


There will always be an opportunity for everyone, which occurs at mid-life, to do something that will only be available for a short time.


While some keep going on their own to maximum capabilities, most need help understanding what is going on and what changes to make. 

Business Meeting

This program provides opportunities for interested individuals to explore their innate abilities to become leaders and contribute fully to their world. To advance this important initiative, we introduced a speaker series called “Leadership Redefined” that addresses how to eliminate hindrances to leadership and identifies the unique attitudes that all effective leaders exhibit in fulfilling their particular calling in life. The program is in three phases: Discovery, Development, and Deployment.

The discovery phase encourages teenagers to realize their full potential by assisting them to develop specific competencies such as social skills, emotional maturity and guiding them through the admissions process into the best colleges.

In the development phase, college students or entry-level professionals are connected to mentors who develop relationships that are instrumental in helping them succeed in their personal and professional endeavours. This is geared towards raising well-rounded leaders, giving them the best chance to impact their peers, communities, and the world at large.

The deployment phase focuses on participants who have been well developed to have a strong understanding of their environment and confidence in their skills and abilities. Such people will be asked to build a community project. Once their project has been assessed and approved by their mentor, the program will help them access the people and resources they need to make their project a reality.


This, in turn, leaves a legacy for their community and better enables them to understand how they can richly impact others.

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