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'Bosun Otesile


Bosun Otesile brings a unique blend of technical prowess and financial acumen to his role as Secretary at Rhema Multicultural Centre. With a solid foundation in Electrical Engineering and over ten years of banking experience, Bosun has developed a keen analytical mindset and a versatile skill set that he now applies to the administrative and operational facets of the Centre.

His journey from engineering to the banking sector, and now to an administrative role within a multicultural non-profit organization, exemplifies his adaptability and commitment to leveraging his skills for broader community impact. In his current position, Bosun is crucial in ensuring efficient communication, meticulous record-keeping, and the smooth execution of the Centre's initiatives and programs.

Bosun's ability to integrate his understanding of complex systems with practical financial and organizational needs makes him an invaluable member of the Rhema Multicultural Centre. His dedication to the Centre's mission and his passion for contributing to a diverse and inclusive community further enrich his contributions to the team.

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