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All Hands In

Multi Culturalism

The Rhema Multicultural Centre is a non profit organization that aims to build relationships, hope and love.

RMC offers a variety of programs that meet the need of our diverse community.

We have a group of experience and skilled people in our team

Our organization is always looking for volunteers that can help us out

We Prepare Canadians For The Workplace

We leverage our community strength and diversity to provide solutions for the minority members of our community — Newcomers, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, seniors and the less privileged.

People with Disabilities

There are over 95,000 people in Alberta that identify as having disabilities 

Private Tutoring

Educational Services

One of the most important contributions we can make to our society is to educate our children.

Children in Science Class

Helping Hands For Seniors

This program helps maintain that independence by providing basic services

Patient and Nurse

New Comers To Canada

Don’t you know how to get started and integrate into the system? We have some answers for you

Youth Conference
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